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Nokia Lumia 1020 Available for Pre-Orders in Germany for €699

Nokia Lumia 1020 has already been available for pre-order in USA and UK. It was already available for pre-orders in Germany for a hefty price tag of 799 through a … Continue reading

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Gmail to Introduce Full Screen Compose Window

It has been a few days since Google rolled out the new Gmail tabbed interface. Many have been in the favor while many don’t like the newly introduced interface. Recently, … Continue reading

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Feature Exynos 5 Octa

More details about Samsung Exynos 5 Octa have emerged through DDaily -a Korean publication. The report also claims that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will powered by the Exynos … Continue reading

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Chrome OS Beta Update

Did you know there was a Chrome OS? I didn’t, but apparently some anti-establishment people out there are choosing to forgo Windows, Mac and Linux-based operating systems in favor of … Continue reading

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Are Electronics taking Yoga?

No, they’re not, but electronics are starting to become quite stretchy. Researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that nanoparticles and elastic components can be combined to make conductors … Continue reading

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MelaFind in the Developmental Stages

Melanoma, for those who may not know, is a form of skin cancer that is often discovered via cancers moles and skin legions that look like nothing out of the … Continue reading

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Smart Streetlights

Have you ever left the lights on in your house for days at a time and then gotten a ridiculously crazy electric bill the next month? Can you imagine how … Continue reading

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New Nexus 7 press shots leaked

We still have a few days until the new Nexus 7 is officially unveiled, but we are all impatient and excited about the tablet, so here we go. Feast your … Continue reading

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Lenovo Is Working On A Quadcore Windows Phone Phablet

Phablets are in demand since many users want something larger than a phone, but smaller than a 7 inch tablet. Samsung basically owns this market with its Galaxy Note devices, … Continue reading

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Another New Nexus 7 Photo Revealed

We just saw a leaked photo of the new Nexus 7 tablet and now we have another one, this time showing the side profile of Google’s next Nexus 7 tablet. … Continue reading

October 10, 2013 · Leave a comment