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There is already a startup aiming to make Oculus Rift porn

The Oculus Rift, essentially a virtual reality head-mounted display for use with video games, hasn’t gotten dev kits to everyone who has ordered one yet. This, of course, means the … Continue reading

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Ouya CEO says platform could be available to other manufacturers

Julie Uhrman and her team have been crowd sourcing the evolution of the Ouya platform for months now, with the end goal being a piece of hardware that all gamers … Continue reading

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Nintendo president downplays role of cloud gaming

The almighty cloud is having a significant impact on much of the entertainment and consumer electronics industries, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says he isn’t worried about what kind of … Continue reading

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Notch backs out of funding Psychonauts 2, says asking price is too high

Last year, Minecraft creator Markus Persson — or Notch, as he is usually known — lit the internet aflame when he told Tim Schafer that he would fund a sequel … Continue reading

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My Favorite Games Of 2012: The Final Installment

I have been having a tough time narrowing my favorite game of 2012 down to just one selection. It’s not that 2012 was particularly a great year in gaming but … Continue reading

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Resident Evil 6 multiplayer modes explained, coming to Xbox 360 on Dec 18

A couple of months back Capcom announced that three new multiplayer modes would be coming to Resident Evil 6: Survivors, Predator, and Onslaught. Well they’re finally coming out this month… … Continue reading

December 7, 2012 · Leave a comment

Nintendo bundles Mario Kart 7 with a 3DS XL for $200

In the run up to Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend, Nintendo decided to entice gamers into purchasing a 3DS (not XL with a new bundle. The 3DS on its own … Continue reading

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GTA V confirmed for Spring 2013 release

Speculation has been growing as to when Rockstar will get around to announcing the release date for Grand Theft Auto V. And while we don’t have a specific release date … Continue reading

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Battle Fleet at $1.99!

Looking for a naval strategy game that gives you granular control of the individual weapons on a fleet of battleships? Today is your lucky day! Battle Fleet, formerly at $4.99 … Continue reading

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Review: Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage

It has been quite a long time since an extraordinary car fight game may be on the market, bigger being all the highly unappreciated Split/Second. The race genre includes often … Continue reading

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