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Concept solar powered car, features a dimpled roof to reduce drag and boosts car efficiency

French custom, Dimitri Bez has suggested a solar-powered principle car that showcases dimples, inspired simply by golf balls.The particular Hexa car principle immitates the surface of a golf ball as … Continue reading

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Concept refrigerator without doors

So, this happened. Student of Massey University come up with concept refrigerator, which simply do not have entrance doors. Moreover, throughout those spots of the fridge, where there is not … Continue reading

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Concept Nokia Lumia 1001

Recently, it was possible to get acquainted with concept 1001 Nokia Lumia Pureview, that has been created by an experienced designer Edgar Mkrtchyan. Today it is time to become familiar … Continue reading

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Super Falcon’ sub aims to fly underwater

A fresh boat may accomplish under water techniques much like jets controlling tricks in an exceedingly River Tahoe adventure on October. The makers with the DeepFlight Really Falcon desire to … Continue reading

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Flying robot jogger will not let you run alone

Meet Joggobot, the actual robot operating companion for would-be-fit geeks which can’t get any many other hackers away from their personal computer screens of sufficient length to go for a … Continue reading

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The Jets of the Future

Target Date: 2025 Traveling water jets overeat of energy resource. A new Boeing 747 burns several gallons than it each nautical distance, and as the value of which energy climbs … Continue reading

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