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ICE – futuristic concept virtual kitchen assistant

This concept gadget combines conventional lamp to illuminate the kitchen table, with an intelligent system that will prompt methods of cooking and a variety of ways to the tableware. This … Continue reading

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Concept Eco-friendly charger EcoCharge

EcoCharge – is a portable and environmentally friendly charger which converts thermal energy (from heaters, etc.) into electricity. EcoCharge system concept looks like a portable system that will not only … Continue reading

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Concept pen with interpreter

Ivy Guide – this compact gadget that attaches to any pen and scan the text for further translation. Scanning handle allows quick and easy to transfer small pieces of text … Continue reading

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Super Falcon’ sub aims to fly underwater

A fresh boat may accomplish under water techniques much like jets controlling tricks in an exceedingly River Tahoe adventure on October. The makers with the DeepFlight Really Falcon desire to … Continue reading

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Concept of the tractor of the future

In all probability all have got a basic knowledge of trucks. It is usually supposed, in case the shifts will change the way ahead for transfer in general, can modify … Continue reading

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Flying robot jogger will not let you run alone

Meet Joggobot, the actual robot operating companion for would-be-fit geeks which can’t get any many other hackers away from their personal computer screens of sufficient length to go for a … Continue reading

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Your Own Personal Flying Hovercraft

This can be a hovercraft in which skims above terrain in addition to normal water but furthermore increases via a flight nearly 75 miles-per-hour with the aid of built-in wings. … Continue reading

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