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Concept wise soul

Here is concept shower of future. It is equipped with a motion sensor that will automatically turn on and turn off the water, as well as greater security screen where … Continue reading

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Concept HP Slate 21 – Android-desktop

Market experts believe electronics, that mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, now can replacing the personal computers. In most cases, a exchange is obtained unequal, because the tablets rarely receive displays … Continue reading

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Concept printer “Eclipse-dual”

Thanks to the concepts we understand that the shape of the printer may be different, such as round or angular. The project “Eclipse-dual” breaks the conventional rules. Concept by designer … Continue reading

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Concept Electric Bicycle

A people no can remain indifferent to this project. Who love new and interesting, and who want to protect the environment. It is simple to use! Let’s see … A … Continue reading

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Concept Eco-friendly charger EcoCharge

EcoCharge – is a portable and environmentally friendly charger which converts thermal energy (from heaters, etc.) into electricity. EcoCharge system concept looks like a portable system that will not only … Continue reading

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Concept Curve Phone PHILIPS

Introducing the concept of stylish touchscreen phone. A very interesting look. Nice to hold it in your hands when speaking with the caller. And the function should not disappoint the … Continue reading

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Concept Sony PSP 2 with a transparent OLED-display

A year ago, Sony has released a portable console PS Vita. It a branded gaming gadget second generation with a productive processor and a bunch of ways to control gameplay. … Continue reading

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Concept Apple iWatch

According to recent reports, Apple is going to release a smart watch. At the moment, the development of this product engaged a department of 100 people. It is assumed that … Continue reading

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Concept Smart TV with independent panel

What’s a Smart TV? Well it’s a smarter way to consolidate into one place all the things you can, and in my opinion should, be doing with a TV. It … Continue reading

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Concept Nokia Lumia 1080:the flexible smartphone on wrist

Phones in the form factor of a wristwatch in the near future promises to be a very popular segment of the mobile market, many gadget makers are now showing genuine … Continue reading

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