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Meowzers Action Cats feline fun for iOS

If you love cats and own any iDevice running iOS 4.3 or later, Meowzers Action Cats is the purr-fect game for you. Meowzers is a free to play game that … Continue reading

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New Apple patent for volume based solution for shaky smartphone camera syndrome

New patent filed by Apple has shown that company is striving hard on ways to upgrade smartphone camera experiences for delivering best possible results. This new invention will let your … Continue reading

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Once they will build, you will buy- A retail strategy launched by Apple

Apple is one of the companies which has enjoyed breakthrough in its almost every product line and as a whole, they are considered as immensely successful. They have marked their … Continue reading

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Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi’s MIUI app store reaches 1 billion downloads in one year

Red-hot Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has hit another milestone today – it announced that its MIUI app store has hit 1 billion downloads in just over one year’s time, or … Continue reading

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10 marvelous iPhone apps to master your family schedule

Smartphones have become crucial aspect in everyone’s life as they manage lots of our work. Tech oriented society has make our dependency on smartphone apps aligning from professional duties for … Continue reading

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Apple’s iCloud driving your family crazy? How to restore synching sanity

“Apple has set itself up to be the glue that ties together all of your digital devices. And iCloud is a key part of that strategy. Being able to sync … Continue reading

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Photo App

Apple’s iPhone device is effective at performing a tremendous variety of different chores, but not every person is quite as popular as the image resolution capabilities of your device. Through … Continue reading

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