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The share margin in Tablet market between iPad and Android is narrowing at a faster pace than predicted.

According to ABI research, in the previous quarter Apple was at the top of tablet market with 55% share among all the shipment that occurred during that period. It has … Continue reading

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Final hurdle for launch of iPhone 5 is now cleared in China

iPhone 5 seems on track to meet its deadline for December release and device has got approval from all the regulatory of Great China to go on to the sale. … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Mobile page ads are more colorful to make every pixel speak up

Jeff Kanter believes that users will stop giving look to the mobile ads, as they were too much gray and less descriptive. Thus he has designed and updated colorful banners … Continue reading

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Zynga’s share fall by 12% and it has now become a regular developer after the amendments in agreement with Facebook

People might be thinking that the investors would be encouraged by the termination of agreement between Zynga and Facebook. But the figure shows that he shares of Zynga are down … Continue reading

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Will Google buy the Instant Street View Search App

Some time ago I got the chance to talk with one of the directors of Google search. According to him, autocomplete and instant search were the two best features that … Continue reading

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Android and iPad market share is shrinking much faster than it was predicted

Apple is enjoying market dominance in terms of tablet sales, according to the report issued by ABI research, on the past quarter sales. They have shipped almost 55% of the … Continue reading

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