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PROFICIENT ZERO Wireless Music System

Wireless is the way to go these days, which is why you have Bluetooth headsets and keyboards that run on the 2.4GHz radio frequency when communicating with your computer. Well, wireless audio also comes in handy if you hate getting all your cables tangled up, and the PROFICIENT ZERO Wireless Music System might just fit the bill nicely, where it is capable of transmitting high-quality stereo sound up to 90 feet, helping reduce labor charges for speaker wire and cable runs through walls in the process.

The system itself comprises of the PROFICIENT ZERO transmitter and amplified receiver, and it is able to expand up to 8 receivers for each transmitter. The transmitter input connections will include a trio of analog audio channels in addition to optical audio, transmitting all of them simultaneously without batting an eyelid. If you decide to transmit all inputs, this would enable the use of one transmitter to send “left and right” audio for “Zone 2 or “rear surrounds”, while audio will also make its way to a subwoofer for a home theater system.

Expect the PROFICIENT ZERO receiver to ship with a high-quality 35 watt x 2 channel digital amp built in, and other hardware specifications include stereo speaker outputs, a stereo 3.5mm line out, a mono 3.5mm out (third analog audio channel), an optical in, a stereo 3.5mm input for local source and a front LED display. It won’t come cheap though, as you will have to fork out the rough equivalent of a tablet – to the tune of $500, to be exact. [Press Release]

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