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Survival of the Whitest – iPhone 5 to replace white iPhone 4?

It so happens that I was telling you guys about white iPhone 4 delays till spring 2011 yesterday. However today I heard various rumors surrounding its launch. Some are close to reality while others are close to rumors.

Whether rumor or reality Apple is playing whatever it has planned. I have bought my iPhone 4 so I remain at bay with its own issues rather than anticipating a white colored one. Today, Apple has removed white iPhone 4 related information from its website, which is an alarming sign regarding its plan for the next year launch. It is quite skeptical that if the product has been delayed for two more quarters, then why remove it from web? Something is fishy!

Till now there has been no official announcement regarding white iPhone 4 delayed or would be cancelled. However, many people see it as a cancellation rather than delay. Removing it from Apple store isn’t a good idea, but Apple must be logic for that.

If the Apple white iPhone 4 has not been cancelled and it is still launching in spring 2011 it’s a good sign but at a bad time. No use for such a late delivery with almost same features. However, if iPhone 5 is about to be launched in early 2011 it would be a great news. In any case, launching both white iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 with a few month intervals isn’t a good idea at all.

That is just my opinion. Furthermore, these rumors are just building curiosity and might defame the credibility of Apple. They announced the delay three times with a delayed time. If they would just announce the cancellation right after the announcement of delay Apple consumers can get furious. Therefore they might announce it on Christmas that iPhone 5 launching in summer 2011 or so on.

That sounds more feasible from Apple’s point of view. Instead of launching two phones trying hitting with one improved one. Those waiting for a CDMA enabled iPhone would get a little itchy and those like me would have used iPhone 4 till its last breath and would get enough time to use it. In simple words, iPhone 4 contract would be ending when iPhone 5 or white one would be launched.

What about iPhone 4GS? In all that matter everyone forget that iPhone 4GS could also have been an option for consideration. Nevertheless, colors doesn’t matter to me, I hope you would agree with me. Do you?

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