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Is iPhone Jailbreak Innocent or Guilty?

It’s time to find the missing prisoner of iPhone Jailbreak.

Got your iPhone Jailbreak?

iPhone Jailbreak is a hot topic many avoid. Today we would uncover the prisoner and would highlight who is guilty in regard for iPhone Jailbreak. The phenomenon for iPhone Jailbreak is not new but still continuous prevention for Apple iPhone Jailbreak goes in vain. The piracy and iPhone unlock seems to be highly unethical issues. We dare not to challenge its ability, neither promotes it. Rather we wish our reader to get aware of the real issue lying behind Apple’s Jail.

Finding the missing prisoner

iPhone Jailbreak in simple words means that you perform an iPhone unlock. The term Jailbreak is exclusively associated with Apple iPhone. This for a common man means that he can use iPhone Jailbreak to use any cellular company (SIM) by using this iPhone unlock after the contract expires. This made iPhone a real prisoner in the eye of consumes.

More than 80% of the iPhone have been sold with a contract of a cellular company. This reduces the overall retail price of the package (iPhone + Cellular Contract). However, after the expiry an iPhone becomes nearly useless. Chances are that maximum people would use iPhone 4 Jailbreak for iPhone Jailbreak once it would be available.

Discovery of Deception

iPhone Jailbreak started during the mid of 2007 and started becoming a need for people for an iPhone unlock. Until 2009 iPhone 3G unlock, iPhone 2G unlock and iPod Touch was common with multiple players offering iPhone Jailbreak at a very nominal cost. Soon after the launch of iPhone Jailbreak, Apple started to protect their OS. No one ever eliminated piracy completely so does Apple is unable to stop iPhone Jailbreak. However, with each update Apple got smarter as well as the iPhone crackers who ravished the profits of cellular companies

Party! Third

The iPhone Jailbreak opened new doors for unofficial third party applications, which mushroomed to about 25% since 2009. For every category of iPhone apps, you can now find an unofficial app that was disapproved by Apple, or even never get submitted for an evaluation. The iPhone Jailbreak also reduced the profit for third party cellular. What would happen when iPhone 4 Jailbreak would be released?

Apple’s Prisoner

Many disagree on the fact that the iPhone Jailbreak is unethical. The reason they give is simple. We buy iPhone for a price, and we own it. Therefore, we have the right to use it and we can do iPhone Jailbreak too. Therefore, Apple shouldn’t have blocked or restricted the Smartphone usage. However, the Apple warranty regarding the iPhone also doesn’t remain valid once you use iPhone Jailbreak. This makes clear that Apple’s profit might not be shrinking due to iPhone Jailbreak and the same for cellular companies. Still why you Apple prevents iPhone Jailbreak, think about it.

iPhone 4 Jailbreak

To sum up, it is upon the users of the iPhone to decide that iPhone 4 Jailbreak is ethical or not. It is rather better that Apple launches an additional module for performing multiple functions, which could replace the iPhone 4 Jailbreak for at least multiple SIM usage.

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