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Photos in OS X Yosemite will have some Aperture-like features, including editing, image search and more

OS X Yosemite logo

In June, Apple confirmed that they would be ending development of popular app Aperture, as well as iPhoto, in favor of the Photos application that would be making its appearance in the upcoming OS X Yosemite release. There’s a silver lining to that dark cloud, though.

With Aperture getting the boot (along with iPhoto), many believe that Aperture-based features, many of which help photographers create the best images possible with editing software, would miss the cut as well. Indeed, companies like Adobe made their own products well known immediately following the announcement from Apple, highlighting their own photo applications.

Not all is lost, though, according to an update from Ars Technical. The updated report, which is founded from an Apple representative speaking on the end of Aperture itself, points to Aperture-like features making their way into Photos for OS X Yosemite. Specifically, features like image search, editing, effects and even third-party extensions.

So while Aperture is getting the boot, it looks like it won’t be all loss for anyone who wants to edit photos on their computer. That third-party extensibility will certainly come in handy for many.

Are you happy about this? Are you ready for Photos to be your all-in-one photo hub?

[via Ars Technica]

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