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Airbnb ‘Experiences’ Offer Activities Like Bike Tours or Home-Cooked Meals

Airbnb Experiences

Traditionally, we’ve come to know Airbnb as a place where guests find accommodations in unique spaces, and as a platform for hosts to make extra money by opening their homes up to strangers. But over the last few months, the company has been quietly testing out a platform for connecting visitors not just with places to stay, but with new offline “experiences” to try out while in town. Hidden away in the Airbnb site are a series of activities available in San Francisco and Paris, all of which are provided by various users of the platform. The experiences include a wide variety of guided tours around those cities, nature hikes and bike excursions to nearby areas, food and drink tastings, and classes thatare available for users to take part in. That means pretty soon, Airbnb’s “hosts” might not just be people who make their apartments available for rent.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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