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iPad 3 Reviews > failure or success?

Apple has entitled iPad 3 as iPad 2012. This has raised the expectations of the users and they were desperately waiting for the launch of the new iPad. iPad 3 reviews given by many of the users have dictated the success or failure of the iDevice.

The users of iPad 3 has raised their voices and asked the company that what is the main difference between the iPad 3 and the old one? Well no doubt, Apple has failed to make any significant changes in the appearance of both iPads. Still, they have launched the new iPad with retina display, A5X processor that allows quad core graphics, 5 megapixel of camera and VGA sensor. They have tried to gain an enormous success with new iPad 3. Success and failure of iPad 3 is highly depended upon the users. They have given many reviews about the iPad 3 and discuss many issues associated with the new device.

iPad 3 reviews given by more than 10,000 users have raised many difficulties for the Apple. They have certainly gain successful sale of iPad 3, but yet questioned many a times about performance. Reviews given on iPad 3 and continuous complaints have given much headache to the company.

iPad 3 reviews is increasing the pain for the company. They are turning the success story of iDevice in to failure. Users are facing bundles of Wi-Fi connectivity issues with iPad 3.

They have to experience the sluggish data transforming speed, irregular connections and inability to rectify the Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, the issues with iPad 3 do not stop here. Reviews on iPad 3 have also highlighted the issues in 3G cellular connections with the 4G LTE iPad. This has raised a huge threat for the Apple. Almost every foreigner user is facing this problem with their iPad3. They have complaint their 3G connection losses and they have to reboot the device for getting the 3G connection.

iPad reviews and reports given by the experts have assumed that Apple is very well aware about the Wi-Fi connectivity issue with iPad 3. They have believed that Apple is not convinced to fix this problem, however they can do it by updating the software.

In the nutshell, iPad 3 has taken Apple a mile head from the Android tablets. This is due to the incredible screen display, high graphics, mobile broadband ability, improved camera, enhanced processor and many more. iPad 3 have covered huge success which others company are still thinking. If there are some issues in iPad 3 they will be solved soon. Many users have offered to exchange their issue creating iDevice and replace it with the better one. They have exchanged their device and solved their issues. The success of iPad 3 cannot be denied. Yet Apple is still waiting for positive reviews about their iPad 3. Let’s see where destiny will take the new iPad 3. Success or failure is still in question. Apple is playing the role in eliminating the highlighted issues with the device.

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