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Viber – iPhone App for Free Calls

Viber Media Inc. has launched free Viber app for the iPhone users. This app works pretty same as the other iOS apps and routes the incoming and outgoing calls to the VoIP-voice over IP. For availing the benefits of Viber iPhone app, the recipient must also have installed this app in their smart device.
Viber has wiped out the Skype as Skype allows the calls for money, whereas Viber allows free calls to any of the Viber subscriber. The best part of this app is that users do not require to get registered and make their unique username. Their phone number is their identity and without any hassle of registration users can start enjoying appreciating features of this app. Users just have to allow the app to scan the address book and they will automatically come to know that who else is subscribed to Viber network. Once users have known that how many of their friends are also using Viber, they can start calling even if they are basing abroad. Yes Viber also permits to make international calls free of cost.

Another great feature that makes Viber most appreciating is its ability to attend incoming calls without switching on the application. All is required is to slide to the answer and Viber will automatically launch. It will take hardly few seconds after which users can start enjoying interruption free calls.

The sound quality of Viber is in fact better than regular calls. Voice transformation is crystal clear over 3G networks and WiFi and there will be no drop calls. The only little requirement is to have Viber installed in both devices for enjoying limitation free calls.

Additionally, Viber also allows iOS users to send free text and share photo messages with the other Viber users without any limitations. Users can send messages to any user of Viber over any device, any network and in any country. Even group messaging is also allowed and users can send same message to the group of 15 friends, at the same time. Users can even change their profile picture while using Viber and also share their location.

Viber app for iPhone is available at iTunes store and it can be downloaded for free. The best part is there is no hidden charges associated with this app, all the features are available in free application. Start using Viber app on your iPhones and learn how many other friend is aware about this wonderful application.

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