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Play with equations with Hands on equations

Learning mathematics and algebra was no fun. Teachers are used to bombard the students with dozens of algebraic equations each day and students have to solve them without fun and excitement. In order to ensure the task done and also making the algebraic equation more fun, Dr. Borenson has become help in disguise. Dr. Borenson has not only resolved the problem of billion and trillion of students but also has given them opportunity to enjoy solving their biggest enemy and defeat the value of X.

Yes, value of X and Y is the biggest challenge of algebraic equation. Each student has to come across the equations like 3x + 9= 4x + 2. Solving this equation to find the value of X is no more a problem. Hands on equations is the interactive app which is facilitating and guiding students to learn difficulties involved in solving the complex algebraic equations in easiest way.

The students whose parents have considered downloading this app will encounter progress of their children in class. The app is designed to encourage the students to learn difficult concepts and get assurance of their algebraic problems. This way children get confidence and their self esteem flourish. Fun and entertainment teach them complexity of algebra.

For getting the complete taste of the app, users can have a view of introductory video prepared by Dr. Borenson. The free version of app is comprises of 3 lessons. Lesson number 1 is designed in a way that it allows the movement of icons. Students have to employ their intuition and guess the accurate value of X. lesson number 2 is designed as a game piece. It places the equation on two sides of the balance scale and students have to solve the equation. Lesson number 3 permits the user to simplify the equations by the movement of number cubes and unknown X.

Moreover, this app has its checking and feedback provision system that helps the students to know about their results. For each lesson, this app has instructional video prepared by the experts. This app is very simple to use and works with the simple touch. Constant figures are displayed with the number cubes and unknown X is displayed by blue pawn. Users just have to touch these symbols to ensure the movement.

Hands on equations are compatible with iPad or the devices with iOS 4.3 and later. This app can be downloaded for free from the most famous spot: iTunes. The paid version of app can also be bought to enjoy fullest algebra concepts. This app is prepared for the children of 8 years and more and is available in English, German, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Italian and French.

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