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Free iPhone 3GS Makes Apple the Reigning King of Smartphones

Apple is the reigning king of the smartphone after it has dethroned Samsung in the last quarter of 2011. Reports from research firm Juniper Research has reported Apple’s price cuts of their older iPhone models to be the game-changer in the smartphone market even with the wave of new handsets released by Samsung last year.

The iPhone 4’s price cut to $100 for a two-year contract as well as the free iPhone 3GS for a two-year contract shortly after its introduction of the iPhone 4S inked the mark that made Apple the smartphone monarch. Moreover, Apple has established a formidable roster of US carriers such as Sprint, AT&T and Verizon before closing the year 2011.

According to Juniper, Apple owns 25% of the smartphone market and has accounted for 37 million out of the 149 million smartphone shipments worldwide. Samsung is second with 21.7% market share. Running in third is Research in Motion at 14.4 million handets. Nokia on the other hand continues to suffer the plunge of its smartphone sales since the year 2010.

According to Juniper Research, “The scale of Samsung’s product range is saturating the market.” Analyst Daniel Ashdown further states, “Apple has to counter products like the Galaxy Ace in order to maintain the visibility of its brand.

Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that Apple holds the smartphone crown and will continue to reign following rumors of an iPhone 5 release this summer.

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