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According to Microsoft, Google is stopping them from developing a YouTube app for users of Windows Phone

Google and Microsoft are arguing now for more than a decade. Yesterday an issue was pointed out by AllThingsD that the Windows Phone lacks an app for YouTube.
Yesterday Dave Heiner, the deputy General Counsel and VP of Microsoft posted on the public policy blog of Microsoft complaining that YouTube is not supporting its mobile platform which will affect the users. Microsoft is trying since a long time to build a proper app of YouTube and has managed to develop its own app for Windows Phone devices. The news is that YouTube is not allowing Microsoft to make the same features as available to Android and iOS.Microsoft is working in collaboration with a number of developers to take their apps to Xbox live. Microsoft has also developed apps for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to bring them on Windows Phone. But as mentioned on the blog post, Google is not allowing Microsoft to do that.Whatever the reason might be but Microsoft thinks that Google does not want the similar app to be available for Windows Phone.

According to Heiner, Microsoft is in contact with YouTube personnel since the last two years to resolve this problem for the users. He further said that, you might think that YouTube would like to offer the same great YouTube experience to Windows Phone users as it offers to other devices but last month we found out from YouTube that Google is stopping them to make this first class experience of YouTube available to Windows Phone users.

Meanwhile, Google said that YouTube can be accessed by Windows Phone users through mobile web. A spokesperson wrote to AllThingsD that the Windows Phone users can easily view the YouTube videos and they can access all features of YouTube via mobile website based on HTML5. The users can find favorite videos, search video categories and view video ratings.

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