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According to a rumor, Apple is testing the designs for Apple TV sets but still no plans to launch it

In the previous years, the launch of potential TV sets has been in discussion since a long time. Recently a rumor is rolled out by a source out of Foxconn that Apple is testing its HDTV. According to the source, 46 inches and 55 inches LCD panels are under testing by Apple.
This is not the time to be excited as the launch is less likely to be in the year 2013 according to the FocusTaiwan that spoke to the source which gave us this news.Since many years there are rumors in the market regarding the launch of Apple TV but the company has not announced about this thing yet. Some years back, Tim Cook gave a hint publicly that Apple is planning to launch a TV set but he did not give any details about its launch.

The Chinese manufacturer Foxconn which develops the iconic products of Apple like iPad and iPhone has leaked out the news that Apple is testing the designs for their TV sets.

But don’t get excited as Apple won’t release a product until they develop a product that can compete with Samsung’s TV offerings. At present the TV set top boxes of Apple are still being sold out.

Samsung and Apple are big rivals and they compete with each other on every electronic device but TV is a major product for both companies. The users out there are in search of a best product that gives a connected experience among electronics. At present Samsung and Apple have the largest shares in mobile market but it will be interesting to see their competition among the TV sets.

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