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WOODCHUCKcase Unveils new Traveler Series Cases for iPad and iPad Mini


Woodchuck has made a variety of nice skins for phones, tablets and more in the past, adding an ostensible wood finish to your favorite device-and real wood cases for iPhone-and now your iPad can enjoy the natural treatment with Woodchuck’s new Traveler Series of iPad sleeves.

“At WOODCHUCK, we strive to provide unique and personalized products that stand apart from the crowd while maintaining our mission of bringing quality, natural and sustainable products into consumers’ lives,” said Ben VandenWymelenberg, WOODCHUCK CEO and founder. “We’re eager to continue to expand on our mission and existing product line with our new Traveler Series.”

Sustainability is a hot thing today, epecially when it comes to accessorizing gadgets that we may change or upgrade on a yearly basis. But these Woodchuck sleeves are durable and made from highly sustainable materials: wool felt and wood.

The Traveler Series is certainly attractive, with its rustic, natural feel-not to mention they’re made from the same materials that have helped humans in all manner of uses for generations. You could say that hi-tech meets high-fashion craftsmanship.

The cases have two pockets-one for your ipad and the other for its accessories, or whatever you need while roaming-so you don’t have to worry about a missing charger or the like when you’re away from home.

The sleeves are made in the United States, if that sort of thing matters to you. And not only are they crafted and assembled within the country; the materials are from there as well.

You can find the sleeves at Target stores, the BestBuy website and, of course, Woodchuck’s site. The iPad and iPad mini sleeves are both $99.99, and a matching MacBook sleeve is available as well for $119.99.

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