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A new mobile researching app Questia is launched by Cengage learning

Questia a new app introduced by Cengage learning ensures fastest and better research paper creation for the students having iOS devices.
Questia’s new app for iOS devices has been launched to provide students compelling mobile research experience and let them present better and faster research papers.
According to the survey done by Questia, an average student spend almost seven hours for researching the terms paper, and some others spend almost 10 hours and more. Also this survey has highlighted that average student spend almost 6 to 10 hours for writing and compiling their research papers. Finding time for proper research writing is not so simple and searching term papers are even trickier. Although there are numbers of research app available, still not all of them are capable for providing quicker access to the relevant material and granting easier writing experience to the users.

The new app introduced for iPads and iPhones have three major features that surpass this app over others in bestowing better writing and researching experience.

  1. Search and discovery: Questia online platform is the hub of almost 9 million articles and 75,000 books. Simple search interface has been established in this app to let the users easily and quickly evaluate content. Search feature in this app has instant access to the high quality content handed over by librarians.
  2. Smooth reading: Reading on the small screens of mobile is quite frustrating. Thus this app is established to proffer tablet style reading where users just have to tap for turning the pages.
  3. Saved projects: Few users employ their phones as the primary tool of research, yet it has limitless possibilities to search through mobile devices. Questia iOS app is developed to simplify projects and bestow saving option for later access.

User friendly interface of Questia iOS app allows users to easily navigate between the search content and platform. They can easily add items in their workspace and read material.

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