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Top 5 Entertainment Apps of The Week


It goes without saying that successful entertainment apps must be very entertaining; otherwise, they will just be categorized as part of the large group of dodgy apps. Entertainment comes in a number of forms – for example, entertaining apps can be humorous, challenging, addictive or simply an awesome way to waste time. Entertainment apps aren’t usually games, but rather, apps which perform a function which is worth paying for. A notable entertainment app is Talking Tom, which features a cat who listens to what you say and repeats it in a hilarious way! In fact, this week’s top 5 entertainment apps features the sequel to this amusing application – Talking Pierre the Parrot – which is in my opinion, much more remarkable than Tom! The other apps making it into the top 5 for this week are Pocket God, Action Movie FX, Gun Builder and Darth Maul Me. Have an entertaining time with these super apps!

Pocket God

Have you ever wanted to be like the legendary god Zeus and be able to rule a world? Pocket God, by Bolt Creative, will satisfy your desire to be the all-powerful ruler of a civilisation of cute little people. However, you have to make a choice – will you be a merciful god who forgives his followers or will you kill your followers even if they didn’t do anything wrong? So much power at the tip of your finger (literally)! Anyway, Pocket God has slick, cartoony graphics and utterly unique gameplay, not to mention the great sound effects and storyline/episodes. It is entirely worth the 99 cents it costs, because you will get probably get 99 days of entertainment. You can’t go past Pocket God if you are looking for a really entertaining app which will keep you awake even if you’re tired!

Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX, by Bad Robot Interactive, is the number 1 free entertainment app, allowing you to effectively make your own Hollywood films on your own iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The video effects aren’t by any mean junky or second-grade quality – you will be simply amazed at the results! No one likes apps that claim to be free and then don’t allow you to do anything without purchasing in-app items. However, Action Movie FX comes with 3 free astounding effects (including a missile effect and car smash effect), and you can by others for less than a dollar. This is the sort of value people look for in apps, so go ahead and download Action Movie FX for free today!

Gun Builder

Is possessing guns illegal in your country? Well, now you can create your own virtual guns using the unique app, Gun Builder, by Win Sheng Loh. In fact, you can build your own customizable guns from scratch, meaning that there are endless combination possibilities and your gun will be different from anyone else’s! The thing that makes this app one of the best on the app store for gun fanatics, however, is the ability to fire you guns in a firing range and add any of hundreds of different accessories/attachments to your gun. Furthermore, there are numerous different awesome-looking skins for you guns and you can write your name on your gun, so if you like guns, download Gun Builder today for 99 cents.

Darth Maul Me

Anyone who has watched Star Wars will know who Darth Maul is – he’s the red and black tattoo-faced bad guy who kills a legendary Jedi! Even though he isn’t exactly the nicest person you’ll meet, you can’t deny that he looks pretty darn awesome. Using the free app Darth Maul Me, by LucasArts, you can join the dark side and turn into Darth Maul, at least you can make you face look like his. The effect is really amazing, and Darth Maul Me will no doubt truly entertain your friends, so download it free today – there is nothing to lose.

Talking Pierre the Parrot

As talked about in the introduction, Talking Pierre the Parrot is, in effect, a sequel to the extravagantly popular app, Talking Tom Cat. As the name suggests, the character of this app is a parrot, and similarly to Talking Tom Cat (which everyone is bound to have come across), the parrot listens to what you say and repeats it in a parrot voice. The great thing about Pierre is that he remembers some of the things you say and merges them with other things you say to form hilarious sentences. It’s hard to explain how entertaining this app is, but don’t take my word for it – it has hundreds of 4.5 star reviews from apple users. Furthermore, Talking Pierre the Parrot is free, so grab it now for some excellent entertainment.


There are a lot of hot entertainment apps on the App Store at the moment; however, these five are not only extremely successful (purchase number-wise) in their category but also very well reviewed by fans from all around the world. Talking Pierre the Parrot, Pocket God, Action Movie FX, Gun Builder and Darth Maul Me serve their precise purpose – to entertain users for long periods of time – so spice up your technological life a bit and download these stunning apps, a few of which won’t cost you a cent!

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