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Apple Now Selling Brazilian-Made iPhone 4, But Pricing Remains High

Foxconn’s efforts t bring iPhone nd iPad production t Brazil h seen significant attention n recent months, w th th m being rt f a strategy t diversify manufacturing locations nd m k th devices more affordable n th world’s fifth m t populous country b eliminating high import taxes. Wh l much f th focus h b n n getting iPad production up nd running n Brazil, th company h already b n working n iPhone production th r , w th n 8 GB iPhone 4 having leaked n late November.

Th iPhone 4S nd 8 GB iPhone 4 debuted n Brazil n mid-December, b t early models w r manufactured n China nd carried very high pricing w th th iPhone 4S starting t th equivalent f over $1400. W th exchange rate fluctuations th t figure now over $1500, wh l th cheaper 8 GB iPhone 4 still comes n t a hefty $1050. Th unlocked iPhone 4 priced t $549 n th United States.

A noted b Meio Bit [Google translation], Apple h indeed begun selling th Brazilian-m d 8 GB iPhone 4 through t online store n th t country, evidenced b manufacturing information n th box nd th phone itself.

Apple’s online store l now referring t th black nd white models MD128BR/A nd MD198BR/A respectively, w th th MD198BR number having b n seen n th previously-leaked iPhone 4 fr m Brazil. Th Chinese-m d 8 GB iPhone 4 h d originally launched n Brazil w th MD128BZ/A nd MD198BZ/A model numbers. It n t clear exactly wh n Apple m d th transition t selling Brazilian-manufactured iPhone 4 units, b t t appears t h b n t l t several weeks ago.

B t wh l Apple h now transitioned t selling domestically-manufactured iPhone 4 units n Brazil, pricing h t t come down. It unclear whether Apple nd Foxconn h t t meet ll requirements r receive certification fr m th Brazilian government th t w ld m k th devices exempt fr m th hefty import taxes r f th r r th r factors n play.

Notably, th iPhone 4S d n t t appear t b being manufactured n Brazil, w th those devices continuing t carry “BZ” model numbers identifying th m manufactured n China f r th Brazilian market. Th same appears t b tr f th iPhone 3GS, wh h priced t th equivalent f $700. Consequently, n adjustment n pricing f r th Brazilian-m d iPhone 4 w ld r t inconsistencies r th company’s iPhone line th r due t th significant d ff r n n import taxes, b t t unclear h w Apple nd Foxconn r l nn ng t deal w th th issue.


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