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Meowzers Action Cats feline fun for iOS

If you love cats and own any iDevice running iOS 4.3 or later, Meowzers Action Cats is the purr-fect game for you. Meowzers is a free to play game that comes complete with one cat, survival mode and the option to unlock two more cats and an adventure mode later. The adventure mode consists of 45 levels and ongoing development for the game assures even more feline fun is to come.

Meowzers let’s you control up to 3 cats, Jazz, Quasar and Spark in single player adventure mode as well as offering a cat-co-op mode so you can enjoy Meowzers with friends. There are 3 different adventure worlds all offering different visuals and items. If you fancy yourself more of a single cat player and aren’t necessarily feeling adventurous, try beating your high score in survival mode.

Meowzers Action Cats is fun for the cat-obsessed of all ages and was developed by SillySoft. Here’s some of key features in Meowzers as well as the official trailer. Meowzers Action Cats is available right meow for download at Apple’s App Store.

Meowzers Action Cats Features
– Collect trails of gems!
– Catch tasty mice!
– Dodge nasty dogs!
– Wrestle with cardboard boxes!
– Smash fancy vases!
– Get herbed up on catnip!
– Hide-n-seek in the grassy courtyard!

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