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Once they will build, you will buy- A retail strategy launched by Apple

Apple is one of the companies which has enjoyed breakthrough in its almost every product line and as a whole, they are considered as immensely successful. They have marked their name in provision of hardware devices as well as software service providers. Now their retail chain is also showing success, which according to the analysts can be greatest innovation for the company.

In the Goldman Sachs investor conference, Cook has shared retail plans of Apple. He has explained in detail about the growth and success of Apple stores and also shared expansive strategy for 2013. You can also visualise the chart of progress on the keys like store visitors, international distribution, store opening and others on the blog post of Asymco’s Horace Dediu.

The most important graphical comparison done by Dediu is store open Vs store visitors. Apple has encountered more physical presence basing on the average numbers of visitors, for the last two years. Stores of Apple, in every location where they are existing, is about 1 million. The new strategy discussed by Apple is not only about store opening but also about closing existing ones and also replacing the larger outlets.

Apple has launched its own iPod touch inventory system and check out points and has changed their structure of stores for providing EasyPay shopping to the customers. They have come up with in store pick up so to change the thinking about brick and mortar stores.

It is important to bear in mind that Apple’s new retail leadership has recently entered into the turmoil. The success and creation of Apple’s retail division is attributed to the former retail operator, Mr. Rob Johnson who has left Apple in June 2011. He has been replaced by Mr. Dixons which was CEO of John Browett in January 2012. This person is being hired after six months of first left over and his hiring was quite controversial. In October 2012, this person was also dismissed from his job and Apple is still in search to replace Browett.

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