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New Apple patent for volume based solution for shaky smartphone camera syndrome

New patent filed by Apple has shown that company is striving hard on ways to upgrade smartphone camera experiences for delivering best possible results. This new invention will let your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad’s camera to grab full resolution pics and store them in memory buffer. This will enable you to avail wealth of images to choose from when you will shut down your shutter.

For the improvement of quality, your device will be capturing series of images and compensated the ways in which mobile photography operates. The new patent describes that virtual camera of your phone will let you capture partial resolution picture and when you press your shutter it will let you take full resolution picture. In simple words, you will get far much better results from what you are seeing.

Apple’s new system will be working on photo basing on quality and timing. The images captured will be stored on basis of factors including resolution, contrast, exposure time, focus shot and dynamic range. After a certain amount of time lag, the device will automatically buffer memory and clear it for future capture of images. Also, you will be presented with a full resolution preview to delete or store the photo captured before clearing the memory.

This new tech can easily be got on iOS device, still it will give tough competition to Apple as other OEMs and Android is also working over same mobile camera tech. The same technology is being employed by Blackberry 10’s for the face selection for Z 10 and also Nokia has employed this tech on their Windows 8 phone.

However, selecting the best exposure from the mobile camera tech is not the only solution. Plenty of other improvements can be considered for bringing enormous difference including Lytro which will be an interesting focus tech for the OEMs. Camera is one of the impressive factors for the consumers which give a competitive edge to the company. Improving the software and hardware of camera will give an perimeter to Apple over its competitors.

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