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Twitter referred zero percent traffic on Black Friday-the social commerce attribution problem:

For the ecommerce, Twitter and Facebook are not the last portals. They are only the influencer for making purchase, however, on Black Friday, Twitter has delivered zero percent referral traffic and Facebook manage to send only 0.68 percent, according to the report of IBM.
IBM report further added that last year Twitter has derived 0.02 percent of the referral traffic and this year due to micro-blogging it is almost zero percent. On whole IBM disclosed that all social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube manage to generate only 0.34 percent of online referrals on Black Friday. The lack in the records is due to the paid ads and it is the problem of the entire industry.From last few years, Facebook has made chief push to the credited downstream purchases. This has rolled out cookie dropping ads and the User ID matching system. This helps in letting advertiser know that who had made purchase via Facebook site, not only presenting just click information.

The advertisers do not rely on word of mouth marketing and page posts to encounter the sales through Facebook. Facebook has accepted that top 25 users who have talked so much about brands are retailers itself. In this regards, Toy’R’Us, Walmart and Macy has most PTAT (comments/ likes/ shares). Last week, 586 percent use of word “Shopping” is pointed out by the users and many of those have spiked where they were making purchase.

Viral marketing have power to drive tons of downstream conversion, but it is not counted. Facebook still have to go long in analysing that buyer was fan of the brand, whether he or she has seen product shared by the friend or made purchase decision from the post promotions.

On the other hand Twitter is far behind Facebook in this downstream conversion system. Twitter does not have any Twitter account or ad connection systems. Ecommerce sites for sure can easily pin point the clicks done via Tweets. This Tweet will not last forever, as it is possible that next time buyer may not find link or any ad on the Google, as well.

Twitter has also accepted that they currently lacking in downstream conversion tracking and this deviate it from receiving the deserving credits. In my view this will be the biggest focus of Twitter for the year 2013.

Advertisers will only plop up their ads where they can see huge return on investment. So it is quite obvious that if you are spending $50,000 on the Twitter ads and not reaping any reward, you will stop investing. Your major focus will be on Google ads because they are having huge conversion rates.

Only when Facebook and twitter will push up their attribution systems, they will be able to influence buyers and get deserving credit of their referrals.

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