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Who’s deciding that apps, like third party twitter Apps should be cheap?

Initially after the launch of iPhone Apple introduced its App store on which we used to spend 99 cents to buy different Apps. App store is one of the brilliant software that a developer has introduced in the mobile market. The launch of this App not only provided entertainment and education to the users but it also helped to create thousands and millions of job opportunities.
Initially people used the extensive internet to look for different things but the introduction of this app helped to provide a focused environment where everyone can do their work easily without any interruption. People should be thankful to Apple for this app store. It is often said that App store economics haven’t changed over past few years. Many people think that paying over $3.99 for an app is silly.Games are the only type of app that can be expensive because people spend more on games than on any other app. Many people have spent up to $60 for games like Xbox.

Tweetro, a third party client of Twitter has made a Windows app for which they are charging $10. To some people $10 seems to be a big amount but for me its reasonable if the app is superb. I give a lot of credit to Tweetro as they are accepting fewer users by charging more amount of money.

At present, I am using Spotify and I am paying $10 for this app as it is valuable to me. A developer should charge the consumer for an app keeping in mind the demand of app, the hard work and the money invested on building the app. making apps is not an easy job. It requires time as well as money.

If an app developer spends lots of money and time to create an app than he should get the reward for it. If an app is expensive, people will spend money on it if it is worth it. People would not like to spend their money on rubbish apps.

I see great opportunities for developers building app on iOS or Android in the genre of “premium apps”. Many people are creating apps that are not so good.

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