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Teenagers in U.K, Spain and France still love BlackBerry owing to its low prices.

The share of RIM in the global market has declined to about 4.3% in third quarter according to IDC’s figure. But In some parts of Europe BlackBerry is still popular among teenagers due to its low price. This data was gathered after looking at the habits of mobile users in U.K, France and Spain. According to an annual report by Orange, the advertisers should not write off BlackBerry if they want to engage with teenagers.
Report also mentioned that the accessibility of BlackBerry to teenagers in the regions like Spain and U.S has increased two to three times as compared to the “mobile media user” population. “Mobile media user” is a term used by many researchers for people who use mobiles not only for texting and talking but also for rich media like streaming video, IM, email, social networking, browsing internet etc.A research conducted in Spain concluded that RIMs mobile phones are usually kept by teens. Among teens, 64% of the BlackBerry was owned by age group 11-17 years. The sale of RIM in U.K is also strong among youth with 46% of the youth having BlackBerry, but it is not as strong as in Spain.

RIM is not so popular among French with just 14% of teenagers having a BlackBerry. The reason being the device not marketed to the teenagers directly in that country. The sales of iPhone in all the countries that were surveyed were low in the age group of teens owing to the high prize of the Apple’s phone.

A research was carried out by TNS in which the habits of mobile users in U.K, France and Spain were studied. Research included 300 teenagers between ages 11-18 along with 1000 other mobile users in each country. It also included 2000 interviews with the users per country. The period of research was March to August 2012.

After collecting the data it was concluded that BlackBerry made a strong showing in the age group of 16-24 year. 47% of the BlackBerry owners were found in this category and 26% were found in the age group 25-34 year. In the age group 35-49 only 12% of the people had BlackBerry.

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