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A Case That’s a Work of Art, from Strong N Free

birdcage dsigner case from strongnfree

Steve Jobs didn’t like the idea of keeping an iPhone in a case. So much effort went into making a functional work of art, that hiding it in a case was sacrilegious to him. Maybe he needed to get his eyes on the Berlin and Sydney Birdcage Designer Cases from Strong N Free.

First, the cases use a wonderful combination of natural wood, leather, rubber, and magnets in a functional and stylish manner. They have a hard shell that protects your iPhone 5. That shell is attached to a flap that uses smooth wood finishes and either rubber or leather to cover the screen. Embedded below the wood are magnets that make sure the flap closes shut, in a clean and elegant manner.

The flap can support the iPhone 5 in landscape mode, which is great for watching videos. Another nice touch is that, when the flap is closed and the screen is covered there is still a small slit opening to allow listening to phone calls with the screen covered. This is appreciated because my cheek sometimes hits the mute button!

The Birdcage cases are beautiful and functional and I have to think Jony Ive, Apple’s head of design, would love them. The cases are even enclosed in a box that looks like a picture frame. Finally, a work-of-art case for your work-of-art phone.


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