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DAZONE Green Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Headset Sports Hands-free Stereo Earphone for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod, Nokia Lumia 920 Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, Galaxy S4 i9500, Note 3 N9005, Note 2 N7100, Sony Xperia Z1 XL39h, L36h

  • This is a very light weight Bluetooth headset which can comfortable for sports. You can enjoy stereo music during running. It can also be paired with your mobile phone, control tracks and volumes or answer a call by simply pressing the button on the headset.
  • The music will automatically stop when receive or reject incoming calls.
  • Wireless appreciate the play stereo music phone. The wireless set aside to answer phone calls. Wireless stereo music playback to listen to the computer.
  • Use of the network for remote wireless two-way conversation. Wireless listen to stereo music, set aside to answer the call automatically converted. High-fidelity, CD quality sound effects. Remote control music playback status
  • High sensitivity, omni-directional microphone design, clear voice, no echo


Material: Plastic and Rubber
Built in Lithium Battery (which can be charged using USB)
Talk time: 4 hours
Stand by time 100 hours
Charging time: Approx. 1-2 hours
Dimensions: 14.5″ x 13.5″
USB charger Length: Approx. 24″
Wall Charger 1 amp output
Can pair with Most Bluetooth enabled devices such as Androids, Iphones, Ipods, and more.
Color: Green

Directions for Use

1, Fully Charge using the USB Cable, the light will be red when it is in the charging phase.Batterywill be done charging in about 2 hours and the red light will turn off.
2, Next we will turn on the headset. To do this Push the play/pause button (or the middle button) for 5 seconds. When turned on the light will flash 3 times
3, Now we connect the headset. Turn on the Bluetooth setting in your device and scan for the item. It should show up as “Sport-BT”. If the device says it needs a password, enter “0000”. After a successful connection the light will flash blue twice every couple seconds
4, IPHONE USERS will have to connect a different way. Turn off the device by seeing how in step 6. Next you search for Bluetooth Devices with your Iphone. Then you will take the headset and hold it down for about 8 seconds or until you see “Sport-BT” on available devices. Now you can pair the devices.
5, You are now able to Listen to music, Talk on the phone, and more! When there is a incoming call you can either answer through your phone or push the middle button. If you want to end the call, also push the middle button.
6, Turning off the headset: Press on the play/pause button (or the middle button) for 5 seconds until the purple light flashes quickly, then release the button and the headset will be turned off.

Package Content:

1 x Bluetooth Headset 1 x USB Charger Cable

Price: $59.99

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