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Stocard raises $850K by introducing loyalty cards and cleverly take on Apple’s passbook

Stocard has managed to raise $850 K by introducing the mobile phone loyalty card wallet and given clever competition to Apple’s Passbook. The funding is bestowed by German VC High Tech Gr nderfonds, Klaas Kersting and two un-named investors belonging to the retail sector.
The Stocard app is available for Android phones and iOS devices and targets the customers residing in Australia, Italy, Austria, Germany, UK and Switzerland. The Stocard app is a way to secure all the coupons and plastic loyalty cards on the smart devices. It allows the users to capture the image of cards and scan them. This will then be saved by creation of digital wallet. This app won’t be working without the support of retailers. When users have to pay bills via loyalty cards, they simply open their Stocard app and cashier will scan the barcode from the screen of their phones.The Stocard is intended to grab users by asking the retailers to proffer users special offers when they transfer to the Stocard.

Apple with its Passbook is the only one competitor of Stocard; but passbook of Apple is only supported by the iOS devices and it offers to save gift cards and digital tickets. On contrast, Stocard is supporting only loyalty cards and it is bestowing multi-platform to get go with connecting to the apps of retailers, explained by Mr. David Handlos, the co-founder of Stocard.

FidMe is also putting direct competition to the Stocard and some few also have indirect competition.

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