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Panasonic Internet Social Network app: watch shows and Tweet simultaneously

If you spend 24/7 of your life on social networks like Facebook or Twitter and you own a Panasonic smart TV with VIERA Connect, you’re in luck. Panasonic has released a bunch of new apps for its VIERA Connect-equipped 2011 VIERA HDTVs, with one of them being the Internet Social Network app. The app allows users to watch their content they would normally watch on the TV i.e. their favorite TV shows, while they leave their favorite social networks running side by side.

The social network (Facebook or Twitter) will be in a sidebar displaying the newsfeed/main timeline, while the show will be taking up most of the screen. Users can update their statuses or post new tweets without having to leave their show, which makes it great for folks who love letting the world know exactly what they’re watching or what they think about what they see.

Other apps being released by Panasonic include: PlayJam (a game channel with multiple game apps) and BigFlix (an app that lets users access Bollywood Video on Demand). All these three apps will be made free to VIERA HDTVs for free.

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