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Next playground for the app developers is cars

CES has started more startups than even before, since few years. In this show, car industry has also increased it presence. In past years, we all have heard about connected cars and these have remained virtually quite close to the developers. Taking one step ahead, GM and Ford motors have announced their concrete programs with APIs and SDKs. Either they have opened their doors for the developers through this programs or they will open in next few months, it is still not confirm.Approaches adopted by these two companies are entirely different. Ford has started betting on the drivers to bring their smart phones in cars and enjoy apps on their phones. Conversely, GM has set up its own framework to run app in their cars by built-in infotainment system. Both plans have their own merits. Ford app link system is quite easy to integrate and drivers will not require to get new data plan. On the other side of note, GM has shown more integration with car and it does not require phone.

Betting on developer’s community has lots of sense for the car industry. This is as they have to keep up with the fast growing speed of the mobile development. Ford system will enjoy advantage in this regards. Integrating phone with the car to make powerful system and make attachment with car will require users to bring their phone more often. This is due to the fact that people change their phones more often than the cars. Conversely GM’s plan is underpowered as average car on road today is 11 years old.

Developers are for sure quite excited about this new opportunity. Ford has already enjoyed affiliation with 1000 developers plus after they have announced their SDK program. Also they are hoping committed traffic to their developer site.

It will be quite interesting to see that how app developers will come up with new app matching present environment. However, these programs are still under private closed betas. In past radio offerings like Pandora, iHeartRadio and Rhapsody were introduced. Also there are some apps available which automatically read magazines and news articles for the users. Other important apps that have been seen are Glympse for location sharing and Scout for turn by turn navigation. But I can bet that most exciting app would be the one that neither car industry nor us have thought off.

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