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40B downloads and counting, 2B+ in December and 20B in 2012- Apple App Store

Cupertino Apple has issued press release in order to draw some statistics which is different from the reports issued by CES. In press release, Apple has stated that 40 billion plus apps have been downloaded by the customers from the Apple App Store. Almost half of these downloads have taken place last year and thus they have clearly underlined momentum power of its mobile ecosystem. In addition, the figure stated above does not include app updates taken and re-downloaded apps.According to Apple, December was the record breaking month for app downloads with almost 2 billion downloads. And this is because of the holiday sales. Apple revealed that it has almost 500 million active accounts in its app store with 775,000 apps in the store out of which 300,000 are native apps for iPad. It further added that iOS developers have made more than $7 billion from the App Store.

Apple’s senior vice president for the internet software and services, Mr. Eddy Cue has stated that “It has been an excellent year for iOS developer community. Developers have earned more than $700 billon from the Apple App Store and we are continuously working to provide them best ecosystem to create innovate apps for the world.”

Google Play Store for the Android devices has achieved parity over Apple’s iOS in last October, with more than 700,000 apps. Another recent estimation issued by Sociable has suggested that Play will reach more than 1 million app by coming June.

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