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5 inches plus smartphones will win double market share in 2013-Analyst

This year, smartphones with very large display will get bigger chuck of the market, according to prediction of analyst of HIS iSuppli. The analyst has forecasted that pahblets will get almost double market share this year and their shipment would increase by 136% than 2012’s 25.6 million units. It will be around 60.4 million units. These predictions are shared by the report of HIS iSuppli Mobile Handset Display market tracker.iSuppli has defined phablets as the smartphones having 5 inches plus screens. Recent addition in to the phablet market is done by Huawei with its 6.1 inches Whopper and Sony with its 5 incher unboxed. The report by iSuppli also noted that Chinese mobile manufacturers are taking lead in debuting phablets which include huge phones of ZTE and Lenovo. Analyst believes that market for the phablets will swell after 2013 with double digital rate of expansion and this will be due to the reason that LCD display will ramp up and will be available in less prices. The analyst further predicted that by 2016, the annual sales of phablets will enhance to 140 million units. Although phablets look bit awkward in hands but when it comes to reading text, interacting with multimedia content or watching videos, it becomes quite easier for the eyes. Analyst further keep on adding that device manufacturers will differentiate their handsets by average sized screen from the crowd of smartphones. Vinita Jakhanwal, the director of small and medium display at the HIS iSuppli has added that, “The move to proffer larger display smartphones will reflect efforts of devices and panel markers to differentiate products. Consumers demand will be more for having better view experience and the trend for making such devices will make perfect sense, especially this is because of the rich content making available for the smartphones”.

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