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LockInfo 5 Brings New Features And iOS 6 Support


Every once in a while we see a jailbreak app that blows our mind away. When LockInfo was released few years back it fell in that category. The amazing thing is that the developer has just released an all-new version of the popular jailbreak tweak for iPhone’s lock screen called LockInfo 5, which takes things to the next level.

LockInfo 5 has been completely rewritten to support iOS 6. It also brings a tons of new features and improvements.

The first new feature is filters, which allows you to segregate the notifications. You have static filters and dynamic filters. The dynamic filters allows you filter notification based on the application. For example: Tapping on the mail icon, will show you notifications you’ve received for emails, tapping on the Messages icon, will show you notifications for messages and so on.

You have static filters for notifications and widgets, which allows you to switch between the notifications view and the widget view. The widget view displays the Notification center widgets and any third-party custom widgets for LockInfo 5. They custom widgets currently available are for your favorite contacts and Twitter.

LockInfo 5 also brings your RSS feeds to the Lockscreen. When you install LockInfo, it installs two apps/icons on your Home screen. One of them allows you to add RSS feeds so you can check them out in the Lockscreen.

You can configure a bunch of things from the Settings app such as:

  • Configure the widgets that you want to enable or disable
  • Manage how the screen dims while on the lock screen
  • Show or hide the charging batter on the lock screen when plugged in
  • Choose to show the Notifications, Widgets, or Nothing on the lock screen by default
  • Show or hide notification badges on the filter icons
  • Show or hide the widget filter icon
  • Enable or disable bypassing the passcode for notifications (more secure set to off)
  • Enable or disable status bar icon for Silent
  • Enable or disable status bar icon for notifications
  • Enable or disable data protection

Check out the video of the LockInfo 5, which highlights the new features:

The best thing is unlike IntelliScreenX 6, for which existing users have to pay $4.99, LockInfo 5 is available as a free upgrade for existing (LockInfo 4) users. It is available for $7.99 for new users after a 14-day free trial.

I haven’t been able to test it out yet as I’m having some issues with the modmyi repo, but can’t wait to check it out on my jailbroken iPhone 5 when evasi0n jailbreak is released.

Let us know what you think of LockInfo 5 in the comments below.

Via: ModMyi

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