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Lego spill brings highway to a crawl

Lego highway

Everyone’s commute to work is often plagued by variables, it’s just a fact of life. When today’s variable turns out to be an eighth of a mile of highway littered with Lego pieces, you’re sure to have a story to tell when you get to the office.

Lego bricks that belong to someone other than you are pretty much the worst thing ever. If your kids own them, you are always a moment away from the possibility of stepping on one. If someone else owns the Lego bricks, there’s a good chance they don’t want you messing with them. Lego is awesome, those timeless and ageless little bricks of unlimited happiness. If you’ve been collecting your entire life, there’s a good chance you have massive plastic bins filled with the stuff. Be careful how you transport those crates of creativity, or else you’ll wind up covering half of a highway in a colorful but terribly hazardous mess.

Unlike your bare feet, Lego pieces won’t pierce your tires. If you’ve got enough of them on a slick wet surface, however, you’re going to have a bad time. After a bin of Lego slid off the top of a Dodge Durango earlier this week and acattered across a significant stretch of Virginia highway, the afternoon drive was throttled down to a single lane while crews worked to collect all of the pieces. The mother responsible for the accident apologized to everyone affected, and noted that the bricks belonged to her son who had not stopped crying about the loss of his prized possession.

It’s a sad story where everyone loses, especially if you’re the little kid who was forced to part with so much Lego. Take care of your toys, everyone.

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