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Readr Makes It Easier to Save Links to Pocket, Instapaper, Readability [Jailbreak Tweak]


If you frequently use ‘read it later’ services like Pocket, Instapaper or Readability then Readr is a must have jailbreak tweak.

Readr allows you to save articles to your favorite read it later service from anywhere using the iOS Share menu.

Even though Apple added the Reading List feature in iOS 5 and then made it available offline in iOS 6, it is still not my go to ‘read it later’ service.

Currently, I am using Pocket, but the problem is that adding articles to it from mobile Safari isn’t very convenient and you are at the mercy of apps to include Pocket integration. Thankfully some of my favorite apps like Tweetbot, Reeder etc. allow you to save articles in Pocket directly from within the app.

You can always add the articles from Safari using Bookmarklets, but it is not as native as saving an article to Reading list.

This is where Readr comes to the rescue. It seamlessly integrates your favorite read it later service to iOS share menu so you can save a link to Pocket, Instapaper or Readability.

It also offers a “Read Now” feature, which works like the “Reader” functionality in Safari that transforms any article into a clean, uncluttered, ad-free version of the webpage powered by the Readability mobilizer.

All you need to do is setup the read it later service via the Settings app and you’re all set to save the links to you favorite service anywhere in iOS. When you tap on share button, followed by the Read Later button from the share menu, you will get a banner notification informing you that the item was added.


When you tap and hold on a link, you will also see the Read Later and Read Now options in the Action menu. This functionality will work in any browser (webkit) based apps, so it gives you the ability to save an app from anywhere in iOS.


Here’s a brief demo of how you will be able to save articles to read it later services after installing Readr.

Readr is compatible with iOS 6 or later and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is available for $1.99 on Cydia and is worth every penny if you like to save articles to read them later. In fact, I think I will start using this a lot more now that it is seamlessly integrated with Safari and other browser based apps. If you’re on a jailbroken iOS device then click on the download link to purchase and install it.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Download link

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