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Ericsson has presented summary of their activities in Mobile World Congress 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013, held between 25 to 28 February in Barcelona brought forward the facts of Ericsson’s new services, products and solutions for its clients. In this summary a full picture is presented about network evolution, innovation, capturing growth opportunities and process transformation done by Ericsson.

Ericsson has announced their partnership with SAP- an enterprise of software powerhouse. These two companies will collaborate is selling cloud based machine to machine M2M solutions and services to the other enterprises via operators around the world. Ericsson has also shown report on jointly working with AT&T and Mozilla. It has demonstrated a Web RTC (Web real time communication) proof of the concept. It has explained that how Web browsers will perform functions confined with mobile devices such as SMS and MMS texting and videos and voice calls.

Ericsson has also offered deep insight about Connected City theme. This new project was heart of this year’s MWC. It has illustrated that how ICT will enhance creativity, safety and sustainability in different cites by 2050. It has future proclaimed that this new service will occupy almost 70% of the world’ population by 2050. B-roll and interviews market contain more precise information.

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