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Drive your favorite trains and get more power in your pocket

IPhone App Review application – Overall app currently ranked # 3 UK, Germany .

The # 1 Rating “Trainz Simulator” iPad app for iPhone has been customized.

Trainz Driver promises power in your pocket by letting you use the strength of modern smart phones combine together with incredible train’s power – and delivers surprising results. HP has packed power in your pocket which can be taken anywhere you go.

A new user interface, control, and realistic tracks and mix with arcade-style session, Trainz has something for every driver.

Trainz Driver is kind of locomotive app which puts you in a cab and takes you wherever you want to visit around the world. This app is featuring easy mode speed control, reality mode and control systems. More than one ways with the camera you can fly with your favorite train.

Having installed Trainz Simulator in your iPad, you will be able to share your created routes and sessions on Trainz Driver of iPhone. Also you will also be able to download hundreds of freely available routes created by other users and are available on iTunes.

N3V Games has recently launched new version of Trainz franchise which will be soon available for iPhone and later it will be availed by the users of Android devices.

Back in 2001, Trainz earlier version of the desktop PC PII 400 MHz with 128MB RAM 12Kg (640 X 480 resolution and a CRT monitor and 12Kg) weight I ran a computer. Now it will run In the palm of your hand, a 140g iPhone 4S with a dual core 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM is the latest version of Trainz Driver. This is an amazing increase in technology incredibly rich experience with you in your pocket can allow around.

Trainz driver has been especially user friendly interface and added a new mobile navigation way points on the screen with visual aids for screen smart phone is customizable. With a broader demographic in mind, Trainz Driver app is basing on the arcade session and realistic simulation session. Users will be able to explore fully 3D environment where the main attraction is trains and railroads.

Trainz is having more than 500 registered users along with 1 million units sold for PC. For many years, Trainz franchise has been a global leader in the market of train simulation. In 2011, this app is launched for iPad ranking # 1. After 18 months it still sits on the Top 10 simulation apps around the world, and set the new sales record on every newest version of Trainz setting.

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