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10 marvelous iPhone apps to master your family schedule

Smartphones have become crucial aspect in everyone’s life as they manage lots of our work. Tech oriented society has make our dependency on smartphone apps aligning from professional duties for boosting up productivity or providing nonstop entertainment. Smartphone can simply do anything.

The popular device of Apple, iPhone has been utilised by developers to extend the strength of phone and has offered scheduler managing device. There are 10 marvelous apps for iPhone encountering ability to keep track of busy schedules of families.

  1. Kidganizer: Kidganizer is an amazing app for scheduling the two household schedules for the separated or divorced parents. This app is only available for $1.99 on iTunes and is crucial for managing the alerts about events and important appointments.
  2. Easy Calendar: With busy schedules, you want such apps that can provide you easy handling capabilities and easy calendar is one such app that enables you to operate as simple as possible. This app can be attained for only $1.99.
  3. Glympse: For knowing the location of your family members at any given time, it is extremely important to maintain schedules. Glympse is an amazing free app that let you inform your family members about your location or send them messages about your late arrivals.
  4. Fantastical: For adding quick and easy events, Fantastical app is being introduced. This powerful app also speaks up the entered details and dictations can be done for making schedules.
  5. Family Organizer- Shared To-Do + Calendar + Grocery Lists: As the name suggests, this app is designed to make schedules, to do list and also helps in maintaining the grocery list. This app is available for free, however premium version can be bought for enjoying data synchronisation among iPhone and computers.
  6. CalenGoo: CalenGoo is devoted with the Google Calendar system and it provides you sigh of relief by letting you know where are your family members, about your to do list and about your upcoming events. This app is only for $6.99 at iTunes.
  7. OurFamilyWizard: This amazing app is featuring schedule management about events, messaging to the co-parents and journal entries for separated or divorced parents, without exploiting the peace. The app is providing its services for free.
  8. Cozi Family Organizer- Shared Calendar, To Do Lists, Shopping Lists: The app is amazing for editing and accessing the reminders about events. This app is quite famous among the mom’s circle and has won Appy Award for best family and parenting app.
  9. Skedi- Family Calendar for Busy Parents: Skedi is marvelous app available for $9.99 on iTunes. This app synchronise your family schedule details on cloud for quick access from any place.

10. Schedule Planner: For scheduling every aspect of daily life, Schedule planner app is being developed. This app enables you to keep record from health demands to work related work. You can also keep record about your meal timings and count every minute of your day.

See how your smartphone can manage your day and let you remind everything by keeping schedules on your phone.

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