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Is This The Future Of The DualShock Controller?

As we near closer to February 20, when Sony is set to unveil something big and almost certain to be the next generation Playstation console, a supposed picture of the new controller has arrived. Of course, nothing is confirmed but the above picture could possibly reveal more about the PS4 than Sony would like us to be privy to.

Look between the direction pad and the familiar buttons, more than likely that is a touchscreen which has been rumored to make an appearance in the redesigned DualShock controller. The glowing blue light thing at the front looks eerily similar to the glow of the move controller. So, I have to wonder if motion control won’t be incorporated directly into the controller thus eliminating the need for a separate Move controller.

However it’s the conglomerate of tiny holes under the touchpad that intrigues me the most. A few things come to mind but I’m thinking a microphone that would allow for voice control would be pretty freakin’ sweet. Or it could be a speaker similar tothat of the Nintendo Wiimote.

If this does turn out to be legit, I’m glad Sony didn’t stray too far from the initial design of the DualShock I’ve become so comfortable with. I’m ok with this should it turn into reality. February 20th can’t get here soon enough for this Sony loving Geek!

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