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Feeling Impish? Pre-Order Impire [VIDEO]

Need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your geeky significant other? How about the real-time strategy adventure from Cyanide Studios, Impire. The dungeon based strategy game will be released on February 14, for $19.99. Your role in Impire is to overtake an entire kingdom, not so easy considering you will be playing as a tiny Imp.

For those who pre-order, you will be granted two additional DLC packs including “Creatures Of The Night.” This will add unique monsters to your evil empire like a Victorian vampire, who enjoy long jaunts with their undead poodles. Pre-ordering also gives you the “Black and White” pack which lets you raise any demon of your choosing as well as some in-game skins for your imps.

Impire was developed by Cyanide Studios of Montreal and will be published by Paradox Interactive. Get your Impire pre-orders from one of the fine retailers listed here. Check out the first released gameplay in the video below.

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