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Two Horses Bring Akaneiro Comics To The Finish Line

We recently told you about Spicy Horse‘s latest Kickstarter endeavor for Akaneiro: Demon Hunter. Also on the horizon for Akaneiro is an upcoming comic book series brought to you by a creative partnership between Spicy Horse and Dark Horse Comics.

Akaneiro is steeped in Japanese folklore and borrows heavily from the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Fans of American McGee already know the stunning visuals his games employ so it should come as no surprise Akaniero would find a home amongst the pages of a comic book. The comics were written by Justin Aclin, famous for his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, with illustrations by Vasilis Lolos, who previously worked on Conan The Barbarian. The covers for the comics will be created by the artists from Spicy Horse who created the game.

Akaneiro the comic series will center around a young woman named Kani who finds herself torn between two cultures. Kani is a monster hunter fighting the crafty Yokai while pursuing her greater destiny as a member of the legendary Order Of Akane.


American McGee and Spicy Horse previously worked with Dark Horse for the Alice: Madness Returns art book. Look for the three issue Akaneiro comic book series on May 22.

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