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Notch backs out of funding Psychonauts 2, says asking price is too high


Last year, Minecraft creator Markus Persson — or Notch, as he is usually known — lit the internet aflame when he told Tim Schafer that he would fund a sequel to the critically-acclaimed monetary failure Psychonauts. In an interview, Schafer said he’d love to do a sequel, but casually noted that someone would have to give him a few million dollars in order for that to happen. Swooping in like some sort of video game god king, Persson tweeted at Schafer and said that he would fund Psychonauts 2. This happened almost a year ago to the day, and now, Persson said that he’s pulling out of potentially funding the sequel, as the asking price is far too high.

In a thread on Reddit, Persson said that the asking price to fund a Psychonauts sequel is $18 million, which is he uncomfortable with shelling out, noting that he only made one private game investment so far at $100,000, and that turned out to be more work than he thought.

For those of you that might be surprised by that figure — that’s actually a little cheap for what is supposed to be a mainstream, triple-A title. The original Psychonauts actually ate up around $12 million to develop, so an extra $5 million for a current-gen game doesn’t seem like so much of a bump. To compare, Final Fantasy VII cost around $45 million to make way back in 1997. Grand Theft Auto IV burned a $100 million hole in Rockstar’s pockets. Though $18 million might not seem like an enormous amount by comparison, it’s at least too much for one man. However, Persson did say that if he were to eventually leave game development, he could get into investing.

It’s no secret that Schafer wants to revisit the Psychonauts universe (even discussing it on Twitter every so often), and considering the proposed budget, it seems he (thankfully) doesn’t want to revisit it in any sort of way that might cheapen the franchise. Perhaps Double Fine could take to Kickstarter once again, and see if it can set a funding record.

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