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Get The Most From Your New Iphone With These Helpful Tips

Owning an iphone is just not having a simple phone, but this is probably something you’re already aware of. You bought your iphone to reach those standards impregnated by popular culture, high-speed internets,gossip around the halls, which is exactly what it is going to do. However, there are many secret tips for using the iphone; do you know them all? These tips will help you enjoy your iphone.

Did you know you can back up your iphone contacts? Use iDrive Lite to save your contact list and restore it if you have to. It will not cost anything if you have your phone updated to at least 2. prior to beginning the process.

It is quite easy to get rid of the word suggestion box as you are typing an e-mail or note on the iphone without using the “X” function. You can actually tap your finger anywhere within the screen to dismiss the box.

Another benefit of the iphone is the ability to navigate. The map application should help you find directions to go anywhere as well as find a gas station, a restaurant or a store in an area you are not familiar with. Use bookmarks to mark your favorite locations or your home.

Screen Protector

A screen protector is a wise investment for your iphone. Without a screen protector, you will scratch the face of your phone over time. The screen is very sensitive, so this barrier will serve as a valuable shield. It is in your best interest to always use a screen protector.

In the event that your iphone freezes and it is not revived when you press the Sleep/Wake button, you can do a hard reset to get things back in order. You will want to press the home key and the sleep button at the same time. This will shut down the phone and restart it.

There is an easy way to remove unwanted emails with just a swipe of your finger. Go to the inbox where you can simply slide your finger across an email which will then bring up the delete button. There you can easily and instantly delete the message.

Weather junkies can toggle between an extended forecast or view current weather by swiping the iphone to the left or right. The Weather app displays the forecast in your area or the location that you choose.

Feeling regrets about what you just typed into iMessage? Auto Correct sometimes corrects words you do not wish to be corrected. Simply shake the iphone and you can undo the message in an instant. This will get rid of recent typing automatically. Note, this is an optional feature, so you need to check your Settings to make sure it’s enabled.

If you wish to stop composing a message with intentions of finishing it later, simply tap ‘Cancel’. When you tap Cancel, your options will be Save, Cancel and Don’t Save. When you choose Save, the message goes to Drafts. If there is no Draft folder present, one will be automatically created.

Understanding iphone shortcuts can make using text much more efficient. It’s pretty common knowledge that any word can be selected automatically by double-tapping it. However, that’s just the start of it. This also works for entire paragraphs. You can really speed up your cutting and pasting operations by selecting text a paragraph at a time; all you have to do is tap four times on the paragraph in question.

Headphone Cord

You can even take pictures with the headphone cord. To begin, frame the picture that you are going to take. You should push the button located on your headphone cord to take the picture. This can help you take a steadier, clearer photo. To save it, follow the steps you would usually follow when saving a picture.

Use caution with the connector cord because they can be easily damaged. If you have to disconnect it from a power outlet or USB port, make sure you do it gently. This cord can last up to a year, and then you will have to replace it for optimal functionality.

Your caller ID can be hidden with an iphone if you don’t want certain people to see your number. To do this, you’ll want to click the “Settings” tab, go to “Phone” and then to the “Show Caller ID” feature. From here, you can change it to “Off.” That area also has your phone number stored in it just in case you forget your own number.

The iphone is wonderful for easily being able to send photos to all your friends and family. You have two easy options for accomplishing this. First, save the picture and use it as an attachment in an email. You can also go to Facebook and upload the picture there.

An iphone has great capabilities once you learn how to properly use it. The article you’ve just read has given you some important tips. Now that you are aware of these tips, you should be able to completely enjoy your iphone. Have a blast with your iphone!

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