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Blackberry Z 10 hardware pictured in the Verizon promo leak as the carriers gear up for the launch

Blackberry 10’s launch is quite near and everyone is crossing their fingers and thinking whether there will be any hidden facts left before its final debut at January 30, 2013.
Evleaks, The mobile device leak master has shared Blackberry Z10 image which looks similar to the Verizon promotional image. It has been widely rumored that BB10 handset will be with white backplate and will be having its front design with two bars located at the top and bottom capturing glass display.Verizon has already shared with us that they will be launching Blackberry 10 device and we have spotted leaked images before with Z10’s black and white version. It seems that it is the specific variant of Verizon having silver tone and depending on how squint you are at the leaks shared by evleaks. Anyways, it appears like Verizon is going for a big launch of new mobile OS and hardware push.

If you have desire to explore BB10 features, you can go through the refresher shared by RIM and take a look at the extended or complete demo in the pre-released software of CTIA MobileCon, shared in October.

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