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App Store Still Way Ahead of Google Play


Analytics firm Distimo released a new year-end 2012 report today, comparing Google Play to Apple’s App Store. Apple, of course, is still the major winner when it comes to revenue, but Google Play has made some headway itself this year, with a 43 percent revenue increase in 20 major markets.

Apple saw a smaller increase in daily revenue, of 21 percent during the last four months, but overall, the App Store is much more profitable. According to the report, on a typical day in November, Apple’s App Store earned revenue in excess of $15 million, while Google Play earned below $3.5 million.

Distimo’s report was full of interesting facts about other aspects of the App Store as well. For example, Russia is the country with the fastest app revenue growth on the iPad, up 143 percent, while Japan saw the most app revenue growth on the iPhone, up 138 percent.

It was a big year for viral games. Popular app Draw Something scored over a million users in nine days, while even more popular app Line Pop managed a million users in three days. Just 11 apps counted for 10 percent of revenue in the App Store this year.

In-app purchases are still a big hit with developers. Revenue from in-app purchases grew from 53 percent in January to 69 percent in November. One time sales are still a big money maker, however, generating 35 percent of the revenue among the top 10 money making apps on iOS.

Games, as usual, were the biggest money makers in both the App Store and Google Play, followed by Entertainment and Social apps.

[via Fortune]

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