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Concept Nokia 990

Mobile phone company Nokia Lumia 920 today is the best smartphone on the market. Still, apart from the main operating system Windows Phone 8, the device uses advanced technology that does not boast of any other competitor.
Here presented concept flagship smartphone Nokia 990. New products will be driven by a 4-bit or 8-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. PureMotion HD + display with a diagonal of 5 inches and the extension of 1920 1080 pixels will be covered with Gorilla Glass protection 3. It is important to note that the design of the smartphone will be made of high quality material – frame made of magnesium alloy, and the cover – an alloy of polycarbonate and aluminum.

Future technology Concept Nokia 990

Probably, the main “trick” novelty is that the bundle includes a mini mp3-player that will connect to your phone to exchange data via USB-port. The player is made in the same colors as the smartphone.
With regard to the parameters of the Nokia 990, the device has a camera PureView 16-megapixels, which supports video recording format Full HD, front 3.2-megapixel camera, 4 x speaker Monster, a slot for microSD, as well as built-in storage, 32GB or 64GB.
Designer Edgar Mkrtchyan

Future technology Concept Nokia 990

Future technology Concept Nokia 990

Concept media player
USB 3.0-based thumbdrive
Concept Phone Nokia Lumia 940
Concept Nokia Lumia 1001
Concept Samsung Galaxy One
Future mobile phones

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