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Resident Evil 6 multiplayer modes explained, coming to Xbox 360 on Dec 18

A couple of months back Capcom announced that three new multiplayer modes would be coming to Resident Evil 6: Survivors, Predator, and Onslaught. Well they’re finally coming out this month… if you own the game on the Xbox 360. For 720 Microsoft points ($9), you can get all three.

Survivors is similar to the original Survivors multiplayer mode available as DLC on Resi 5 – which had players killing each other for points. It was a flawed mode as in all the past Resident Evil’s, you could not move and shoot, making Survivors a pointless and very frustrating mode to play. Capcom has really changed it up this time around though, as now you can move and shoot meaning fighting each other is much easier, especially as you have the ability to roll, dodge, and perform counter attacks.

This Survivors mode doesn’t just have you killing each other, however, as if you are killed you come back as a zombie. If you kill another character as a zombie, you go back to being human again. The last person or team still standing as humans wins. Up to six players can play this mode against each other.

Predator mode is a six player mode that sees five zombies hunters against one Ustanak. The team of five must work together to try and defeat Jake Muller’s favorite B.O.W or at least survive until the end of the round.

Onslaught mode is very different, it’s a one-on-one mode and you don’t directly face off each other. You’re on separate parts of the map, surrounded by zombies, you must create the biggest kill chain you can by killing zombies one after the other. When your chain ends, that amount of zombies will be sent to the other player to kill, who of course is doing the exact same thing to you back. You’re essentially sending each other zombies until one of you dies due to one too many zombie bites.

The three new modes are coming exclusively to Xbox 360 gamers first on December 18, it is not know when they’ll be coming to other platforms yet. You also don’t have to buy all three together either, if there’s only one mode you want you can buy them separately for 320 MSP ($4). If you own Resi 6 on a console other than Xbox 360, you can at least look forward to the free update that’s coming on December 17, which included co-op for Ada Wong and a new super hard mode.

via Joystiq

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